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Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp. is a manufacturer of compressed air-operated products made to imporve plant efficiency, improve energy efficiency, improve quality and anehance the environment. Our product line includes air blow-off products that reduce noise levels and compressed air use, and vortex tube technology using vortex tubes for spot cooling, control panel cooling, tool cooling and other unqiue applications. It also includes air operated conveying products and static control technology. Nex Flow™ as a brand has only been around since the early part of this century but has become a world-wide name with sales in many countries around the world utilizing agents and distributors. With focus on the truth about the use of compressed air for blow-off, for cooling, and for conveying we continue to grow as we continue to educate the market place about our unique technologies and endevour to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.

Thank you for your support

We at Nex Flow™ endevour to do our best to earn and continue to earn your support. We promise to continue to provide quality product and the lowest market price. For example, all of our air knife products utilize stainless steel shims unlike inferior plasticshims that are used by many higher priced competititors. All of our air knives and air ampliers are anodized as well, unlike others, to provide a higher quality product while typically being lower priced. Our desire is your business and long term relationship - not to take your money and run. We endevour to train and maintain our agents and distributors for the long term who can supply the technical support you need now and in the future that is accurate, timely, and competitive.