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Product Overview

  • The Silent X-Stream™ Air-Blade™ air knife provides increased efficiency and very low noise levels compared to the Standard Air Blade™ air knife. Both units utilize the quality Haug static bars - the RN bar for most applications or the extra strong VS bars (Triple X versions) for very haigh static charges and extremely high speeds.

    The Silent X-Stream™ Air-Blade™ air knife uses a small amount of compressed air for a powerful, and adjustable force with "laminar" flow to eliminate charges in applications where static bars cannot reach or where high speeds are a factor.

    Normally the Standard Model RN Haug brand static bar can address most applications. For extremely high speeds and high charges the extra powerful VS model is used. For washdown applications (such as pharmaceutical areas), even a washable model is available at extra cost.

    All Haug static bars come with a patented safety connector and fully shielded cable. The power supplies are "repairable" and are so well made, that we offer a two year warranty on them (one year on the bars).

  • Static Eliminator - Air-Blade™ Ionizer Features:
    • Connections on the back or ends
    • It flows from end to end (full flow).
    • Stainless steel models are available for high temperature and corrosive models.
    • Models are designed for easy cleaning and prevention of dirt entering the static bar, minimizing potential damage.
    • Patented connectors with the ground intrinsic to the cable design.
    • Instant ON/OFF with no moving parts.
    • Repairable Power Supply with a two year warranty.
    Static Eliminator - Air-Blade™ Ionizer Benefits:
    • Flexible mounting options.
    • Units can be mounted end to end for longer lengths with no air gap.
    • High temperature, extra strength, and even a unique washable stainless steel model is available for special applications or as required.
    • Ease of cleaning and maintenance.
    • No separate ground connection that can be cut and cause sparks or accidentally shock personnel.
    • Conserves air use when not required.
    • Eliminates one costly area which is power supply replacement. 2 year warranty assure quality product.

How They Work

Silent X-Stream™ Air-Blade™ Ionizer - Compressed air enters at the rear (or end) ports at (A) of the Standard Air Blade (B). (See Standard Air Blade™ for a description of its operation). Entrained air follows the coanda profile of the air knife and along the front face flowing over the ionizing (static) bar (C) creating a fine sheet of ionized air along the entire length of the Air Blade™ ionizer at it leaves the air knife at point (D). The amplified air stream maximizes velocity and force and provides a well-defined sheet of ionized laminar flow for reduced energy use in the blow off of statically charged surfaces and to remove static at long distances from the assembly. For highly charged surfaces a stronger static bar is available (Triple X Air Blade ionizers).



*click image for larger view.

Model "A" "OA"
3" (76mm) 44mm 125mm
6" (150mm) 80mm 200mm
8" (203mm) 143mm 254mm
12" (305mm) 250mm 351mm
18" (457mm) 390mm 508mm
24" (610mm) 543mm 661mm
36" (914mm) 844mm 965mm



Typical applications replace expensive, high maintenance ionizing blower systems and are particularly advantageous in intermittent applications.

  • Neutralize and blow off dust from auto bodies to plastic parts prior to painting.
  • Clean bottles of dust prior to labeling. Keeps bottles neutralized which may attract dust prior to filling or packaging.
  • Neutralize charges in all sorts of plastic packing materials and containers to prevent and/or minimize dirt contamination.
General Manufacturing:
  • When dealing with any plastic parts or materials, static can cause jamming of machinery, dirt contamination, or be a personnel hazard.
  • Static charge and build-up in high speed paper production can cause quality problems and effect machine speed. If static bars cannot be mounted close, or if dirt is a problem due to static “dirt attraction”, our products can address the problem.
  • As with paper, the same problems can arise often more critical, even at lower speeds.
  • Whether it is a flat web or bottle printing, dirt on the surface can effect the final product. Our products can dramatically improve quality by removing dirt buildup due to static.
  • Static build-up especially in packaging can attract unwanted dust both on the product and on the packaging. Our products can address many of these applications.
  • Static buildup in the textile industry can be addressed when placement of the static bars cannot be close to the product.


Power Supplies

Static Elimination Air-Blade™ Ionizer power supplies are available in various models including a unit that will monitor the static bars for effectiveness.


Voltage Model # Description
110V ENC-110/2 Two outlet (Can connect two static bars)
220V ENC-220/2 Two outlet (Can connect two static bars)
110V ENC-110/4 Four outlet (Can connect four static bars)
220V ENC-220/4 Four outlet (Can connect four static bars)
110V Multistat 110 Four outlet (Can connect four static bars, plus monitors performance. Can be connected into a system alarm or indicating light.)
220V Multistat 220 Four outlet (Can connect four)



Static Elimination Air-Blade™ Ionizers are supplied in several versions.


Special materials and static bars can be utilized for unique applications. If greater blow-off force is required, shims may be added to the Air-Blade™ Ionizer for higher capacities.

Length Model Numbers - (X means with X-Stream Air-Blade™ 150XX with RN static bar, 160xx means with VS static Bar)
3" 15003/15003X
6" 15006/15006X/16006/16006X
12" 1501215012X/16012/16012X
18" 15018/15018X/16018/16018X
24" 15024/15024X/16024/16024X
30" 15030/15030X/15030/16030X
36" 1503615036X/16036/16036X


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