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Product Overview

  • Nex Flow™ nozzles are designed to fit into small spaces. We have an adjustable nozzles for some applications and then a few different nozzles with varying force, depending on the application.

Air Nozzles and Aluminum / Brass Air Nozzles :

Nex Flow™ reduce compressed air energy, and provide strong laminar flow for blowoff applications.

Air Nozzle Cluster :

An Air Nozzle Cluster can use a large amount of compressed air. A cluster of air jets can be much more efficient by using less compressed air and with just as much energy for blowoff.


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    Model 47010 Air Nozzles - This nozzles is a unique design by Nex Flow™ and is extremely powerful and one of the strongest nozzles on the market today. It has a 1/4" female NPT fitting and is fully anodized for long life. With the coanda profile you get an extremely strong force at a distance. This is an ideal nozzles for blow guns and for blowing small parts for part ejection as well for stronger blow-off of liquids if required, especially heavier viscosity liquids.


    Accessories for Air Nozzles

    Nex Flow™ Rigid Flex Hose is an all stainless steel hose that does not break after a few bends like competitive rubber hoses with simple copper inserts. It is resistant to creep and crimping.
    High quality stainless steel swivel fittings for air nozzles, air jets, small air knives, and air amplifiers allow for a 25 degree movement from the center axis (50 degree total movement) to aim then secure in position the blow-off application.
    Nex Flow™ Manifolds are a convenient way to mount rows of multiple nozzles, air jets and other small blow off products to dry, clean or cool wider surfaces. Come complete with mounting holes.


How They Work


X-stream™ Air nozzles - Model 47010 - Compressed air enters at point (A). Surrounding air (B) is entrained over a specially designed profile surface by the action of the small amount of compressed air leaving the small drilled holes at point (C). This results in a concentrated high velocity, laminar flow stream of amplified air with maximized force.




Air Consuption @ 80 psig
Force in ounces
Force in grams
47010 - X-stream™ Strong Force nozzle with 1/4" female NPT fitting


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