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How do I order?  Is there a distributor in my area that I should contact?

USA and Canada based customers can order direct toll free at (877) 797-2777 Ext. 1 or FAX (877) 797-2770 - or .

Can we try your products

For USA and Canada customers, unlike some competitors, we will actually work with you on your application to be certain it can work prior to sending units for test. Once assured that your application is viable, any catalogued item can be sent for test for a reasonable period of time needed with your only cost being the delivery charge. If the product does not work, it can be returned within the agreed to test time with no charge for the product use. You only pay for freight costs.

Can you supply special, non-catalog items?

Nex Flow™ Air Products can certainly design and manufacture special designs to address your application. We have been doing this since our inception as a company and the feedback we receive is that our special designs are extremely competitive against others offering the same service. As Nex Flow™ is the new leader in this field, we endeavor to offer any special product at a "fair" cost.

I need to blow off, clean, or cool parts, but there seems to be so many options.  What do I use?

There are many parameters to look at for a blow-off and/or cooling application such as the size and shape of the product, initial and final temperature required, time frame and so on. Contact the office technical line at (877) 797-2777 ext 6 for assistance with as much information as you have available for assistance. Or .

How does Nex Flow™ compressed air products compare to the use of blower technology and alternate cooling systems like water and air conditioning ?

We don't stretch the truth like some compressed air product suppliers try to because frankly, in some situations blower systems are better. In fact blowers are becoming better made with less maintenance than in the past and in some instances may be a better solution. It all depends on the application. Please see our article on Compressed Air Verses Blowers for an assessment of which technology to use. Similarly, using vortex tube technology verses other systems depends on the application. Contact our offices for an honest assessment on what is best to use.

There seem to be a few manufacturers in this rather special product line. What makes Nex Flow™ Air Products the best choice?

Nex Flow™ aims to be the new leader in this field and does this with better quality manufacturing processes and materials and often superior pricing. Where the pricing may be more than our competitors it is because of vastly superior product design or performance, life time and quality.

New products will be introduced as they are tested and approved.



Are your products OSHA approved?

OSHA is not an approval agency. However, our products meet the OSHA noise and pressure requirements.