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Product Overview

  • Reclassifying mufflers provide excellent noise reduction - as much as 35 dBA - and more than sintered mufflers. In addition they are used to reduce oil mist.

    The exhaust air from valves and cylinders may contain oil mist that can have a negative effect on the healthof employees. OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910 limits the cummulative exposure to tool oil mist 4.32 parts per million (PPM) in ay given eight hour work period.

    The reclassifying muffler we provide uses a patented wrap design for the removable element that separates the oil from the exhausted air virtually trapping all oil in the element. Based on the input of 50 PPM ay 100 PSIG of oil, the exhausted oil mist is reduced to 0.016 PPM. A 1/4" tube can be attached to the bottom resorvoir where the oil accumulates to drain it.

    Each reclassifying muffler is sized to pass a certain volume of compressed air with minimal restriction to avoid any effect on the operation of the cylinder or valve. For cylinders refer to the pdf file for our model numbers based on the bore size and stroke of the cylinder.

    Reduce Noise Produced By Air Exhaust From Cylinders with our Reclassifying Mufflers.

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