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Product Overview

  • The Haug Mini Spot Ionizer neutralizes electrostatic spot charges with air support and great efficiency and force over a small flat area. This unit proves its efficiency especially in mounting places where there is little room or where mounting is very complicated. Applications include injection molding for the elimination of material particles or for cleaning of pendants.


    Haug static bars come with a patented connector to assure safety in operation and maintenance. Field repairable, it prevents a connection if the static bar is removed or attached while power is still on at the power supply.

    Cable is FULLY SHIELDED unlike some manufacturers which claim shielding which may only be partial. This results in much longer life for Haug products.

    REPAIRABLE POWER SUPPLIES - almost unheard of in the industry, Haug power supplies are repairable and come with a 2 year warranty.

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