Nex Flow™ Products Application Videos



Air Knife (13)

Bottle Cleaning

Bottle cleaning uses two Nex Flow™ Model 10012X - 12" Silent X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knives to blow water off bottles in a bottling line. This reduces compressed air use for blow off up to 50%. The units turn off when the line stops to conserve compressed air. When taking this on of control into energy use considerations, the energy cost compared to blowers is comparable but without the costly maintenance and noise.

Plastic Glass prior to Laminating with a Plastic Sheet

A Model 15030X X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Ionizer neutralizes and cleans the surface of plate glass prior to laminating with plastic sheet.

Two Model 13030 RN static bars neutralize the plastic laminate preventing dust attraction. All three items are connected to one Model EN C-4-4-outlet power supply.

Plastic Container Cleaning

Three Model 15012 Standard Air Blade™ Ionizer with 'extra strong' model VS static bar is used to remove the static charge from containers moving at high speed prior to filling. The Ionized air is blown in to the container to remove the static charge. All the static bars will connect with 4 outlet power supply. The VS Bars have to be used because of the high speed of container.

Camera Lens Cooling Standard Air Blade™

A Model 10003 3" Standard Air Blade™ Air Knife is mounted such that the surface of the Air Knife is flush with the surface of a camera lens. The air flows along the surface of the Air Knife and continues along the lens due to a boundary later effect that effect provides a laminar "barrier" to the dirty environmental air, keeping the lens clean and dry.

Acid Agitation

A Nex Flow™ X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knife acts as a barrier to keep fumes in a tank of acid being agitated.

Air BladeTM Ionizer in Packaging Operation

A Model 16118X removes static from extruded rubber web on a rewind. Previously the static charge was so high that any spark would cause the rubber to burn which regularly happens. The 'extra strong' VS Bar combined with the X-stream™ Air Blade™ eliminated this unsafe situation.

Excess Sugar Blow off

A stainless steel 36" Silent X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knife blows off excess sugar from muffins prior to the oven to avoid burning. A Model 90009 Regulator with gauge sets the ideal pressure and flow.

Circuit Board Cleaning

A Model 15112X X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Ionizer is used to neutralize clean surface dust of a circuit board. The ionizing bar is well designed and closely "balanced" in positive & negative ions produced meaning a close to zero residual charge after use unlike many competitive product.

Conveyor Cleaning

Model 10006X Silent X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knife cleans a small conveyor of dust and debris.

Standard Air Blade™

Two Model 10012 Standard Air Blade™ Air Knives are installed on a duct (One on top, One on bottom) to draw in waste fumes & exhaust. The air leaving the Air Knives hug the inside wall creating an excellent vacuum inside the duct.

Water Blow off from Vegetables

A Model 10036XS 36" stainless steel Silent X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knife removes water from vegetables on a conveyor.

Engline Block Cleaning

Coolant is blown off of an engine block using three Model 10012X - 12" Silent X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knives.

Bumpers Cleaning - X Stream™ Air Blade™ Ionizer

Three 24" X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Ionizers Blow off dust from Automotive Bumpers prior to painting. The NEX FLOW™ PLCFC controls the air on and off as required minimizing air consumption. In this case the static bars were "daisy-chained" together minimizing extraneous cable and reducing the number of power supplies needed.

Air Amplifier (9)

Air Amplifier for Boosting Vacuum System

The Nex Flow™ Model 40001 - 1-1/4" adjustable air amplifier is designed to “amplify" air flow which means it can also “move" significant amount of air. The Model 40001 amplifies 14 times the air consumed which means it can move 13 times the rated air consumption making it easy to vacuum and “move" or “draw" in dust created in a grinding operation and boost the effectiveness of any existing vacuum system.


The PLCFC is a PLC based system designed to turn compressed air on only when needed and to turn off 2 second after use. Used here to conserve air in the use of air amplifiers to cool hot material, the PLCFC turns on the air when the sensor “sees" the part and off 2 second after the sensor no longer sees the item. System is simple, reliable and plugs and play.

Removing Mist from Machining Process

The Nex Flow™ Model 40001 - 1-1/4" adjustable air amplifier is designed to “amplify" air flow which means it can also “move" significant amount of air in “vacuum". The compact Model 40001 draws in a large volume of dust created in a machining easily and efficiently without the need of a costly vacuum system.

Cooling of Steel Ingots - Adjustable Air Amplifier

The Nex Flow™ Model 40002 - 2" adjustable air amplifier is extremely efficient in cooling. It amplifies air flow 15 times at the exit of the unit and 45 times 6" away. The flow is laminar with significant air velocity to cut through any hot “boundary layer" of air on hot material. Here two rows of Model 40002 air amplifiers cool hot steel ingots on a conveyor line from several hundred degrees to a low enough temperature to handle by personnel.

Casting Cleaning

Using Model AM20 Air Amplifiers to cool castings, cooling time was reduced by 20%.

Plastic Rubber Part Cleaning

2 Model 40001 Adjustable Air Amplifier are use to blow - off water and dust from the surface of plastic rubber pluming components traveling on a conveyor.

Cooling Hot Spot - Air Amplifier

Model 40002S Stainless Steel Adjustable Air Amplifiers cool hot spots on a duct where insulation has worn away until downtime can be scheduled.

Steam from Room - Air Amplifier

Two Model AM40 Air Amplifiers vent fumes from a tank quickly & efficiently.

Stream Vac™ Extractor

This low cost, compact and portable unit operates utilizing a minimal amount of compressed air. It comes with a magnetic stand to “plug into position" on any magnet accepting metal surface. Simply connect the snap - on collection attachments and clamp a 2" hose on the opposite side, hook up your compressed air and you are set to go. Comes complete with shut-off valve and magnetic swivel base to position the unit any way you want. The air “gap" can be adjusted for a weak to strong vacuum.

Air Jets & Nozzles (2)

Molding Machine Air Jet

The Nex Flow™ Model 45002 - high force adjustable air jet amplifies air flow and creates a strong laminar flow of output air to be able to push injected molded material down and away from the mold after the molding process allowing for faster cycles times. Utilizing very little compressed air the output air is amplified almost 25 times when it hits the target part with a strong laminar force to “push" the parts down and away from the mold.

Press Ram Cleaning Using Nozzles

Model 47003 Nozzles are mounted along the circumference of a one meter diameter piston rod to blow off debris from its surface. The Nozzles are operated only when piston rod retracts in to the cylinder.

Air Gun (1)

Scrap Removal Using Blowgun

Hand Comfort button Gun is used for blowing off metal chips during a drilling operation.

Ring Blade™ Air Wipe (2)

Pipe Cleaning - Air Wipe

Nex Flow™ Model 20002 Ring Blade™ air wipe removes the liquid from an extruded plastic tube or cable. The Ring Blade™ air wipe is split (two piece parts) to easily put around or remove from the tube or cable. The air amplification effect of the Ring Blade™ air wipe minimizes compressed air use.

High Speed Wire Drying - 1/2" Ring BladeTM Air Wipe

The high shear force of the 1/2" Ring Blade™ Air Wipe dries wet wire moving at high speed through the unit.

Ring Vac™ (3)

Move Dried Peas - Ring-Vac™

The Nex Flow™ “Compact" Stainless Steel Model 30002 - 2" Ring Vac™ air operated conveyor moves dried peas from one location to another in the production of pet food. The unit operates intermittently when needed minimizing energy use. No maintenance, compact, and easy to install and use.

Plastic Pellet Loading

A Nex Flow™ Model 30002 1-1/4 " Model Ring Vac™ air operated conveyor is used to transfer plastic pellets from a bin to a hopper of an injection molding machine. The Ring Vac™ air operated conveyor is light weight, portable, easy to mount, and maintenance free. Unlike blower operated system which require time to startup, the Ring Vac™ air operated conveyor is instantaneous on and off as required.

Metal Rod Convey

Stainless Steel Ring Vac™ Model 30004S transports a Metal Rod over 100 feet across a plant floor from one operation to the next.

Vortex Tube (4)

Camera Housing Cooling - Vortex Tube

Water Cooling was originally used to cool the camera housing but this created water scale buildup and caused high maintenance costs. Due to space limitations & the need to eliminate water cooling of the camera, a Nex Flow™ Model 50025H Vortex Tube was used to cool camera housing.

Camera Lens Cooling Vortex Tube

3 Number Model 50008H Model Vortex Tubes are use to directly cool the lens of a camera subjected to high radiant heat.

Vortex Cooling for Vacuum Forming

In cold forming the cold ends may cool unevenly and the Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ vortex tubes give the extra cooling at the ends for a proper cold forming operation.

Ultrasonic Welding Horn - Mini Vortex Tube

Two Vortex Tubes model 50030H with a Model 55002 Muffler cools Ultrasonic Welding Horn.

Panel Cooler (2)

Cooling of Electrical & Electronics Panels

A Vortex tube type cabinet enclosure panel cooler Nex Flow™ Model 63030A is used to cool and purge cabinet panels in a high temperature and dusty atmosphere. Ordinary air conditioners fail often in such bad environments and the maintenance costs are very high with replacement of filters, replacement of compressors, downtime and the need for a condensate drain. The Nex Flow™ panel cooler eliminates these maintenance costs, offsetting any increased energy use while providing reliable, maintenance free air conditioning.

Silent X StreamTM Panel Cooler

Silent X-Stream™ Cabinet Enclosure Cooler / Cooling - Frigid-X™ series for electronic control panels provide a low cost method of both purging and cooling electrical and electronic control panels by using a stainless steel vortex tube to create cold air from ordinary compressed air. Utilizing a hot and cold end muffling kit the unit is made extra quiet to under 64 dBA depending on capacity.

Tool Coolers (7)

Grinding Application Tool Cooling System

The Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Model 57015FS Tool Cooler is used on a grinding operation to improve the grinding result, speed up operation and extend the wheel life. The cold air from the “vortex tube" operated Tool Cooler is created using only a small amount of compressed air.

Lathe Machine Adjustable Spot Cooler

The Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Model 57025AS Adjustable Spot Cooler system is used on a lathe to cool various different types of machined parts made of exotic materials, extending tool life and speeding up the operation. The adjustable unit is used to vary the temperature depending on the material being machined and what the material requires. The cold air from the “vortex tube" operated Tool Cooler is created using only a small amount of compressed air.

Paper Slitting Cutter Cooling

A Series of Nex Flow™ Model 57015FS Frigid X™ Tool Coolers utilizing vortex tubes are used to cool the slitters in a continuously moving paper roll slitting machine. The cold air produced by the Tool Coolers extends the life of the cutting knives and allows for faster production speeds.

Machine Tool Cooler on Lathe

On-Off type Panel Cooling system is installed on the Control Panel of a CNC machine. This system turns on only when temperature in panel exceeds the preset level. This system keeps the panel cool, purged and free of dust.

Machine Tool Cooler on Band Saw

A Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Tool Cooler used to cool the band saw on a cutting operation to sped up production and improves the quality of the cut.

Needle Cooling Sewing Machine

The Mini Spot Cooler is used in the cooling of needles on a sewing machine used to produce heavy materials for carpeting.

Milling Operation Adjustable Spot Cooler

A Model 57025AS is used to cool a milling operation of a special ceramic material where the temperature had to be tightly controlled.

Static Eliminators (2)

Fibrous Web Ionizing Bar

Two Model 13018 RN - 19" Static bars neutralize the charge in powder adhesives as soon as the powder exits the dosing unit. Static charge makes the powder fly apart and causes uneven application on the web. Removing the static charge insures even application.

Ionizing Bar used on Plastic Straw Extrusion Machine

A Model 14018 - 19" extra strong static bar is used to eliminate static from straws as the extruded straw passes under the static bar to prevent the stack of straws produced from flying apart due to high static charge. The extra strong static bar allows for high speed production of the straws that a regular strength static bar cannot address adequately.

Hand Vac (2)

Hand Vac - Move Ball Bearings

A Model 36012 transfer system is used to move ball bearings from a bucket to a storage drum.

Clean & Collect Dust & Dirt From Inside a Control Panel

Model 36011 Hand Vac collection system is used to clean & collect dust & dirt from inside a Control Panel.

Reversible Drum Angle (2)

Drum Angle for Filling & Emptying Sump

Reversible Drum Angel is used to remove coolant from a sump. It is then transferred to another location and emptied from the drum.

Floor Cleaning - Reversible Drum Angle

The Drum Angle can be used to clean up many kinds of spills quickly and effectively.

Liquid Super Seperator (1)

Liquid Super Separator

The Nex Flow™ Super Separator is a unique device designed to near eliminate water and oil removal filter cartridge replacement. The Nex Flow™ Super Separator is designed to be used near the point of use of compressed air and will remove 99.9% oil and water. No filter cartridges need to be replaced. If a standard filter is utilized after the Nex Flow™ Super Separator, the filter cartridges may not need replacement for 4 times or more longer than before saving significantly on downtime and maintenance and in energy loss from system pressure drop.