Why Buy from  Nex FlowWhy Buy from Nex Flow™


Actual Material Protection.

Imagine purchasing an automobile that wasn’t painted! That is often what you are doing when you buy air amplifiers, air knives and air wipes, and air conveyors from the competition! All Nex Flow™ Air Blade air knives, Ring Blade air wipes and Ring Vac air conveyors are anodized to hold up to the industrial environments to which these products are often subjected. Do not be “talked into” buying stainless steel when anodized aluminum is lighter, often just as effective for most applications and lower in price. Stainless steel is supplied when necessary for food and pharmaceutical and high temperature applications when aluminum will not suffice.

Better Materials.

Some air amplifier producers keep touting the use of plastic shims to maintain the small gaps necessary for the products to function. Ever look at thin plastic after a month of being subjected to a constant flow of never completely dirt free air, no matter how hard you try? It is not a pretty site! That is of course, if it hasn’t worn to pieces. Nex Flow™ only uses stainless steel shims – that lasts in the difficult environments these products are often subjected to. And we are typically STILL lower in price than similar competitive products using plastic. All of our vortex tubes are stainless steel with brass generators and high temp. O-rings – since the reason you use these products is to “cool”. That means they typically are subjected to high temperature environments. Nex Flow™ uses proper metal where possible to account for these realities – brass generators and stainless steel bodies for all vortex tubes.

Uncomplicated Choice.

Ever get confused on web sites with a multiple listing of products and package combinations that make choice confusing? Often these endless packages are nothing more than marketing gimmicks with no real extra value for customers. Nex Flow™ aims to provide “complete” packages at a fair price, often lower than the competition without trying to up the price with little extras that can add unfairly to the cost.

Product Development and Simplicity. The goal of Nex Flow™ is to keep the products simple in design, easy to apply and universal in scope. As new products are added you will find them to be the least complicated, optimally designed with the best materials to make each product applicable to most applications and environments encountered – with little need for costly “specials” except in the most unusual of cases. This is to make it easy for the customer not only in uncomplicated choice, but easy to install and maintain.

Aim for the Truth in Compressed Air Use.

There has been so much written on the use of air amplification technology especially when it comes to compressed air verses blowers. If you read anything from a blower manufacturer they look to be the best and if you read anything from an air amplifier producer, they seem to be the best. The truth is – it depends on the application. Same for panel coolers verses air conditioners. Static control devices and the seeming “miracle” air knives perform with them is not necessarily reality. One serious flaw is the use of simple (often over-priced by air amplifier suppliers) AC testers to determine if a static bar is working. All they really show is that you have electrical power going the static control devices. It does NOT indicate if they are producing the ions necessary for static elimination. Nex Flow™ has articles already written in this web site to address blowers’ verses compressed air, and static measurement. More will be added in the future to properly educate the customer in an unbiased manner and clarify many misconceptions with this technology. Visit our web site often for updated articles that can help you chose which technology, and which manufacturer is truly the best for your operation.

Best and Most Fair Price.

Nex Flow™ Air Products aims to be the lowest in price of most basic items and where we cannot be lower, we will offer significant technological and quality superiority over any competitor.